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Secondary School near Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley, Kwun Tong

Project Description:

This project, a holistic approach has been adopted to enhance the environmental performance including various aspects.

Overview of the Secondary School

Overview of the Secondary School

Design and Features:

In addition to adopting common environmental and energy efficient features that are included in other government projects (e.g. heat energy reclaim for ventilation system; T5 energy efficient fluorescent tubes with electronic ballast; occupancy sensors and daylight sensors and light emitting diode (LED) type exit signs etc.), this project has incorporated addtional environmental and energy efficient features, with the purpose of exploring and identifying suitable technologies for wider adoption in future.

Examples of these additional environmental and energy efficient features are highlighted below:

  • Building Energy Management System: Provision of flexible control for building engineering systems to suit usage patterns. The system will enable scheduled control on lighting and central dimming, automatic reduction or termination of air-conditioning when the room is unoccupied, and provide energy consumption records for energy audit and review;
  • Renewable Energy Installations: Promotion of alternative and clean source of electricity using solar and wind power, including photovoltaic (PV) panels (thin film PV and sun tracking PV), solar water heaters, small scale wind turbine and daylight sun tubes;
PV Panels with Sun Tracking System

PV Panels with Sun Tracking System

  • Energy Efficient Ventilation and Air-conditioning System -
  1. Adoption of Water-cooled Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air-conditioning system, which is more energy efficient than air-cooled air-conditioning system;
  2. Installation of occupancy sensor control for air-conditioning supply;
  3. Installation of demand control of supply and fresh air with carbon dioxide sensors; and
  4. Installation of variable speed fans and motors

It is expected that the annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) saving for the school would be about 30 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e), about 40% less emission comparing with that of a typical school in Hong Kong.

The project has obtained a certificate in Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM 4/04) with platinum rating in 2012.