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Signature Project Scheme (Central and Western District) - Harbourfront Enhancement and Revitalisation at the Western Wholesale Food Market

Stretching 400 metre long and occupying an area of around 5,200 square metres from precinct, the enhanced promenade and pier park provide a quality public open green space for the surrounding community to enjoy. The revitalisation work includes an extensive planting of about 50 trees, 2 000 shrubs, 12,000 groundcovers, 300 square metres of turf area, as well as other green features such as solar powered light fittings. Apart from landscaping areas, the district open space provides the community with recreational facilities including bench and seating area and elderly fitness area, children’s playground, boardwalk zone and open area for safe fishing. Being a new landmark in the district, the generous lawn area also serves as a multi-purpose venue for community involvement activities to take place.