Health and Safety

We place utmost emphasis on the well-being of our staff and strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace for them. We also work closely with our staff, partners and contractors to promote and maintain the best standards and practices on health and safety issues.

Monitoring and Supervision of Health and Safety

During the year, we continue to adopt the 3-level site safety and environmental supervisory system for outsourced projects, and a 2-level system for in-house projects to gauge our performance.

To facilitate compliance with health and safety standards, we have established a collection of guidance notes, lessons learnt, briefing notes, safety audit reports, etc. on a number of key topics on site safety and environmental management. Our staff members, partners and contractors can make reference to these materials in order to meet the associated health and safety requirements of each project they are working on.

In addition, our Department Safety & Environmental Advisory Unit (DSEAU) have carried out regular safety and environmental inspections, independent site assessments on mosquito control/site cleanliness and tidiness, and have conducted 3 full-scale independent in-house audits on the contractors’ performance respectively on the aspects of (i) working in hot weather; (ii) working at height; and (iii) electrical safety.

Promotion of Health and Safety

Workers' health and safety is the cornerstone of our daily operation. In the past year, we have organised a wide array of health, safety and environmental promotion activities including:

Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme

  1. 19 contracts have participated in Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2012 jointly organised by the Development Bureau and the Hong Hong Construction Industry Council. Among these 19 contracts, 4 contracts have received the following awards:
Contract no. Considerate Contractors Site Awards Outstanding Environmental Management & Performance Awards
SS X301 Merit Merit
SS Y304 Merit --
TC W012 Merit Merit
SS T329 Merit Bronze

Site Safety Model Worker Award Scheme

  1. 37 contracts have participated in ArchSD's Site Safety Model Worker Award Scheme

Construction Design & Management

  1. 25 projects have been implementing Construction Design & Management.


  1. 578 staff in total have taken or renewed their Green Card (Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course) via completing Construction Industry Council Training Academy's multi-media self-learning package.
  2. 21 external training courses have been conducted for a total of 494 professional/technical/site staff.
  3. 5 in-house seminars comprising topics on electrical safety, ladder safety, metal scaffolding safety, general safety on maintenance works, have been conducted for a total of 360 attendees of in-house staff, contractors and consultants.

Other Initiatives Relating to Site Safety

A number of initiatives have been implemented during the year to further enhance the health and safety performance in our projects. These initiatives include:

  1. Implementation of a permit-to-move and operate system in new contracts to enhance mobile crane safety in construction site.
  2. Promulgation of guidance notes and lesson learnt including:
    1. Guidance Notes on Bamboo Scaffolding Safety;
    2. Guidance Notes on Falsework Safety;
    3. Lesson Learnt on Collapse of Bamboo Scaffold; and
    4. Lesson Learnt on Collapse of Falsework during Concreting.
  3. Promulgation of new or revised site safety checklists including:
    1. Electrical safety;
    2. Works at height;
    3. Working in hot weather; and
    4. Fire safety.
  4. Promulgation of new or revised materials related to site safety and environmental protection including:
    1. PowerPoint on Electrical Safety
    2. Sample Tool-box Talk on Mosquito Control on Construction Sites (Version 2012); and
    3. Training Kit for Site Safety and Environmental Supervision.