Main Focus Areas

It is important to provide information to our stakeholders that they really concern. To this end, we have maintained a number of mechanisms to engage different stakeholders to understand their interests and expectations on our operations. Details of our stakeholder engagement processes can be found in the Engagement Approach section in this Report.

We have defined the report content through a series of interviews with various stakeholders to identify Aspects and their Boundaries in relation to our operations. The selected stakeholders include representatives from our professional and technical staff, contractors, clients, facility users and professional bodies. With due consideration of our activities, impacts and the substantive expectations and interests of our stakeholders, we have prioritised our focus areas to determine the material Aspects that would be covered in the Report.

The table below presents the material Aspects and their Boundaries covered in this Report in which details of our commitments and achievements are provided.

Categories Material Aspects Aspect Boundaries
Within ArchSD Relevant to ArchSD's contractors
  • Energy
  • Emissions
  • Effluents and Waste
  • Compliance
  • Supplier Environmental Assessment
Labour Practices and Decent Work
  • Employment
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Training and Education
Human Rights
  • Non-discrimination
  • Anti-corruption
  • Grievance Mechanisms for Impacts on Society
Product Responsibility
  • Product and Service Labelling
  • Procurement Practices