Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to our Sustainability Report which highlights our sustainability initiatives and achievements in 2012. This year marks the tenth anniversary in our sustainability reporting journey. With the theme of "Keep Going Green", the report presents our continuous efforts to strive for green while meeting our common needs.

In the past decade, we worked closely with our industry partners to build and maintain a quality environment for the user departments and the public. We have continued practising active and passive building designs, where possible, in our projects to enhance the sustainability performance of the government buildings. We have also fulfilled BEAM Plus requirements in most of our new designs to construct healthy, high quality, efficient and environmentally sound buildings.

As a knowledge-based learning organisation, we understand the importance of knowledge capitalisation and sharing. We have created various platforms for knowledge transfer to equip our staff with necessary skills. Following the implementation of our Knowledge Management Portal and Extranet last year, we have germinated the idea of the ArchSD Academy, a programme allowing the knowledge of the experienced staff to pass onto the younger generations. Through continuous trainings offered by the Academy, staff work together with synergy to meet the ever changing challenges and public expectations ahead of us.

I hope you will find this report informative and useful. For our continuous improvement, please share your comments, views or suggestions with us by completing and returning the feedback form at the end of this report.

LEUNG Koon-kee, JP
Director of Architectural Services