Staff Development

Staff is our most valuable assets. We strive to provide a dynamic workplace, with the best career development opportunities for each staff, in order to equip them with the necessary capability to achieve the strategic goals and shared objectives of the Department.

We have invested a considerable amount of resources in organising a varied range of staff development programmes tailored for their training needs. During the year, we organised a total of 240 training courses, covering topics related to Leadership & Management Skills, Professional & Vocational Training and Career Development. These training courses accounted for a total of 31,700 training hours and on average each staff has received about 18 hours of training.

Training Type No. of Trainees No. of Training Hours
Leadership & Management Skills 27 1,813
Professional & Vocational Training 3,851 24,024
Career Development 1,024 5,863
Total 4,902 31,700

Mentorship Schemes for New Recruits

The Mentorship Scheme aims to provide newly-recruited officers with psychological support and personal care from more senior members of the Department to help them integrate smoothly into the team. The mentoring relationship normally lasts for 6 months. The Scheme was piloted at the professional grades in 2010, and has extended to cover site supervisory and technical grades since 2011. Up to now, more than 120 new recruits have been benefitted from the Scheme.

Photo background Mentorship Scheme's duet: mentor Mr. Benedict YOUNG (left) and mentee Mr. Terence CHAN (right)

Mentorship Scheme's duet: mentor Mr. Benedict YOUNG (left) and mentee Mr. Terence CHAN (right)

Total of 31,700 Staff Training Hours