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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Clients and Business Partners / Community Support

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Community Support

As a way to care for the community, we strive to incorporate suitable features to support special needs of the community when designing buildings and facilities.

Developing Barrier Free Environment

In line with the Government’s policy on creating a barrier-free access physical environment for persons with disabilities (PwD), we are in the process of developing new accessible facilities and upgrading existing facilities with barrier-free features as far as practical.


Completed barrier free access upgrading works

To better address technical challenges of integrating accessible facilities into existing facilities, ArchSD has liaised with the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS) to seek target users’ feedback on facilities with special site constraints. A number of sharing sessions, workshops, discussion forums, and joint site inspections were held together with HKCSS and various PwD groups for this purpose. Post-improvement site inspections with PwD groups were also arranged to review the performance of completed facilities. Suggestions collected through these communication channels serve as a valuable source of reference when carrying out future projects.


Consultation meeting with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service and other organizations of the Persons with Disabilities before commencement of works
Joint site visit to venue with upgrading works completed

Runway Park at Kai Tak for Public Enjoyment

The Runway Park (Phase 1) situates at the tip of the former Kai Tai Runway. Offering a world-class panoramic Victoria Harbour view, the park celebrates the aviation history of Hong Kong, as a part of the original Kai Tak Runway was retained and integrated into its planning.

Visitors could walk straight from the Cruise Terminal to arrive at the park for a relaxing stroll along the waterfront promenade or repose in the grand lawn embraced with a secondary walking trail. When viewed from behind of the arbors place in the lawn, one can only see vegetation against the water or sky. A feature group along the waterfront promenade is introduced to seal off the existing weather station visually, and a covered court provides shading suitable for group activities.

The public lavatory ancillary block is made mainly from container units, featuring vertical and horizontal screens fully grown with climbing vines and shrubbery. Recycled glass content is used as one of predominating materials for paving. Soft landscape elements are selected to meet wind tolerance, seasonal interest, non-toxic and ecological criteria. More park features will also be introduced in the later phase to offer another multi-functional and dynamic recreational attraction for visitors in Kowloon.


Impressive Images of Runway Park at Kai Tak


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