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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Management Approach / Engagement Approach

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Engagement Approach

We value the importance of engaging stakeholders to hear their views and comments to strengthen our approach and initiatives for continuous improvement. We acknowledge their contribution and engagement through many different means, including surveys, face-to-face meetings, events, electronic platforms etc. Our key stakeholder groups and their respective engagement approaches are summarised below.


Engagement Approach

Stakeholder Interview


We conducted six independent interviews with individuals representing the five major stakeholder groups of staff, contractor, client, user and professional body in order to understand their concerns and obtain feedback.


Ms Joanna Wai
Project Manager of ArchSD

Comment from Staff

ArchSD is committed to taking a leading role to incorporate sustainable features in different projects. To better equip us with the latest green knowledge, we are encouraged to participate in relevant environmental training including BEAM Pro Training so as to deliver our services in an environmentally responsible manner. As the project manager responsible for the design and management of building the Trade and Industry Tower in Kai Tak, I worked with my team members to engage our users from the design stage until the post-occupancy stage. This allows us to incorporate viable and practical green features in the building, while fulfilling the users’ requirements and maximising the long-term benefits of the building operation such as reducing the operating cost through the adoption of an array of energy-saving initiatives.

Our Department also spares no effort to nurture a knowledge sharing culture. We were invited to share our experience on how to incorporate varied green elements in a joint-user building in the ArchSD Academy. We are also consolidating some useful documents to be uploaded to the departmental KM portal for knowledge harvesting and retaining. As a learning organisation requiring high level of professional knowledge, I believe this culture is essential to ensure the sustainable development of the Department.

Our Response

Building up a professional team with practical know-how is always one of our priorities to maintain our services quality and efficiency. We strive to develop a knowledge sharing culture among our staff to retain valuable experience. We will continue to support staff development and look into every opportunity to leverage the collective wisdoms of our staff to contribute to the society at large.


Mr Ng Wai Kuen
Chief Clerk of Works

Comment from Staff

As a site supervisory staff, I am responsible for planning and carrying out inspections of building works and monitoring site progress to ensure that all works conform to our specifications and contractual requirements. When discharging my duty, I can see there are plenty of elements which render our operations more sustainable. For example, the “Pay for Safety Scheme” and “Pay for Safety and Environment Scheme” provide financial incentives for contractors to adopt good safety and environmental practices. In 2015, I am excited to see the commissioning of the Trade and Industry Tower in Kai Tak which has put a lot of green features such as solar hot water system and daylight suntubes into practice. It is always our priority to adopt green building design in our projects not only to improve our sustainability performance through enhancing building energy efficiency and environmental quality, but also to lead the industry by demonstrating the benefits of green building to the society at large.

Due to the difference in number of works project conducted each year, our workload would be varied accordingly. It would be beneficial if the Department would review the manpower resources from time to time to even out the distribution of work.

Our Response

We are delighted to know that our effort to promote sustainability is highly recognised by our staff. We are thankful for the relentless support of our staff to make our sustainability policies and internal measures effective. We will keep ourselves open to opinion from our staff and continue to review internal resources regularly to address staff concerns.


Mr Ian Ku
Deputy Project Manager (Design & Construction of Yau Ma Tei Police Station) of Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd

Comment from Contractor

ArchSD has provided us with detailed and clear work-related environmental and safety requirements prior to the project commencement. Apart from following the project specifications, we maintained a close communication with ArchSD to incorporate sustainability features in our project where appropriate. As our project site is adjacent to a number of residential buildings, we face great challenge to minimise and mitigate our impacts to the neighbourhood. With our concerted efforts and the professional advice provided by ArchSD, we have maintained a harmonious relationship with our neighbours. Our green accomplishment has received various recognition, including the Green Contractor Award and the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence. This motivate us to strive for better performance. Other than on-going incentive schemes such as “Pay for Safety and Environment Scheme", ArchSD has also supported the Environmental Model Worker Award launched by us to instil a green culture among the project team. ArchSD always plays an active role to drive the construction industry to go green.

Our Response

Contractor is one of our important business partners to achieve sustainability. We will provide necessary support and work closely with our contractors to pursue sustainability excellence. We will continue to work with our contractors to adopt innovative design and initiatives to further enhance site performance.


Ms. Yvonne Chau
Venue Manager of Ko Shan Theatre

Comment from User

ArchSD introduced a number of environmental and energy efficient features when constructing the New Wing of Ko Shan Theatre. The theatre features “A Theatre in a Park, a Park in a Theatre” (園中有院 院中有園) design that ArchSD had incorporated a lot of landscaping into the building design and fully utilised solar energy by taking advantage of the geographical location of the site. Apart from green roofs, greenery areas were maximised in the new wing of the theatre to create a pleasant and relaxing environment for the public. Photovoltaic panels and bollard lights were installed for energy saving, while rainwater recycling system for landscape irritation and bleeding-off water of cooling tower system for toilet flushing were set up to conserve water.

ArchSD had maintained close communication with us throughout the project to understand our needs and concerns so as to tailor the building design that can maximise our operational efficiency and environmental performance. ArchSD should continue to introduce different green features in future projects to enhance environmental performance of government buildings and public facilities.

Our Response

It is our mission to develop buildings and facilities that best suit the needs of our clients and users. We will continue to involve venue users in different stages of the projects to understand and cater for their needs and encourage the use of environmental design as far as practicable.


Mr. Vincent Ng, JP
President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Comment from Association

ArchSD is committed to optimising and enhancing the design of public facilities such as parks, promenades, libraries and cemeteries for the enjoyment of the community. ArchSD has incorporated various sustainability elements into the design, building and operation of these facilities as far as possible such as adoption of green building materials, maximisation of greening area and use of natural ventilation. ArchSD has already made great effort to help cut down waste generation, improve air quality and reduce heat island effect through its projects.

ArchSD has actively promoted knowledge exchange among industry peers, business partners and clients. Through organising forums, sharing sessions and site visits, ArchSD helps disseminate best practices and share experience among industry practitioners, fostering continuous improvement in green building design and environmental performance of the industry.

Apart from educating the industry, it is important to enhance public awareness and knowledge of various green building features. We therefore encourage ArchSD to continue providing information on sustainable design for the public so that they can learn the associated benefits while they are using the facilities.

Our Response

We strive to incorporate sustainability elements into our projects where applicable for the benefit of the community. We will continue to offer assistance to enhance the industry performance and promote sustainability to the public at large.


Ms. CHEUNG Man Wai, Halina
Manager (Kowloon Tsai Park & Sports Ground)
Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Comment from Client

The artificial turf football pitch at Kowloon Tsai Park has been opened for public since 2003. Situated in the low-lying ground of the Park, the football pitch has high risk of flooding especially during heavy rainfall. The football pitch was renovated in 2014. With the professional advice provided by ArchSD, the underground rainwater drainage system of the pitch was upgraded to enhance the overall drainage ability, and thus reduce service disruption.

Throughout the renovation process, we highly appreciate the professional advice and technical information given by ArchSD. The project team worked with us proactively to identify the best solutions for the renovation works. They also provided full support and timely response to cater for our specific needs and expectation. I believe ArchSD would continue to offer quality services to its clients and build a sustainable living environment in Hong Kong.

Our Response

It is our core value to provide services that suit our clients’ needs. We always look for the best solutions to cater for the unique situations and requirements of different projects. We will continue to offer our clients professional advice and technical expertise to contribute to the sustainable development in Hong Kong.


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