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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Management Approach / Main Focus Areas

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Main Focus Areas

It is crucial to providing sustainability information for our stakeholders that they concern. To this end, we have identified a number of stakeholder groups that would have direct and/or indirect implication on ArchSD's operation and development. Our major stakeholders include our staff, clients, contractors/consultants, facility users, professional bodies and general public.

In addition to our existing stakeholder engagement channels such as Client Satisfaction Survey, we continue to undertake an independent stakeholder engagement exercise as part of the process for defining the content and boundaries of this Report. Representatives from selected stakeholder groups, including professional and technical staff, contractor, client, facility user and professional body, were interviewed to share with us their particular interests and concerns on our sustainability initiatives and performance.

With due consideration of the stakeholders' views as well as ArchSD's major activities and impacts, the following areas were identified as the material Aspects to form the main focus of the Report.


Main Focus Areas


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