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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Message From The Director

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Message from the Director


LEUNG Koon-kee, JP, Director of Architectural Services Department

Dear Stakeholders,

Welcome to the Architectural Services Department Sustainability Report 2015 - "Into a New Green Horizon". Last year has marked a new venture for our Department in terms of sustainable development. We have put together many of our green ideas and initiatives into practice through completion of a demonstration project for environmental design - Trade and Industrial Tower in Kai Tak. Besides, we have also developed and built the first prototype green site office in Kai Tak. With very encouraging responses from our stakeholders, both projects have been proved of great value for our future development.

Our recent achievement in sustainability development is partly the result of our knowledge management strategy. To capture, share and re-apply practical know-hows of our experienced colleagues, we have created various knowledge management platforms like ArchSD Academy, Knowledge Management Portal among others. To make knowledge sharing a habit, we have recently employed user-friendly tools such as mobile communication applications and blogs to harvest knowledge. Inspired by the spirit of 建、學、研 (Build, Learn, Study), we further launched various knowledge management initiatives in 2014, including the formulation of KM Focus Group, launch of the first Communities of Practice on Healthcare Projects Community, and publication of the first concise design guide for columbaria design. All these efforts contribute to instilling a knowledge driven culture among our staff and ArchSD has been awarded one of the Top Winners of the “Hong Kong’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2015” (“Hong Kong MAKE Award 2015”). On the other hand, we are actively participating in the development of Building Information Modelling standards by the construction industry. When such standards are fully adopted in future projects, it not only yields synchronised design information, but also promotes a closer collaboration among co-workers in different disciplines. It would be a powerful tool for upholding quality services in our public works projects.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all colleague for their support, hard work and dedication to the accomplishment of our goals. We are committed to collaborating with our industry partners, user departments and the general public to build and maintain in a sustainable manner. Please share with us your comments, views and suggestions by filling out the feedback form at the end of this report.

LEUNG Koon-kee, JP,

Director of Architectural Services Department


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