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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Human Resources / Staff Engagement

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Sub-sections in Human Resources

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Staff Engagement

Staff Recreational Activities

To nurture a harmonious working culture, we always encourage our staff to participate in various recreational activities to build team spirit and boost staff morale. Eight of our staff joined the Ngong Ping Charity Walk this year to raise funds for Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association. In addition, we participated in the Hong Kong Streetathon organised by RunOurCity, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Sports and Family Day 2014 and RSCP Table Tennis Tournament 2014 organised by Recreation and Sports Club for Hong Kong Professional Bodies and Inter-departmental Invitational Table Tennis Tournament 2014 organized by Buildings Department a table tennis tournament to share the fun and excitement of exercises with colleagues.


ArchSD teams at the Ngong Ping Chartiy Walk 2014
1st Ngong Ping Cable Car Tower Bypass


1st Runner-up of the Corporate Category in both 'Elite 23km' and 'Challenge 17km' routes


We joined the Hong Kong Streetathon to show our support to promote healthy running

ArchSD team participated in HKIA Sports and Family Day 2014 with various architectural practices, government departments and professional institutes.


Participants shared the joyful moment

ArchSD Table Tennis Team participated in Inter-departmental Invitational Table Tennis Tournament 2014 with Buildings Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department and Highways Department.



ArchSD obtained the 2nd runner-up from the exciting tournament

3 nos. of ArchSD staff as members of HKIA table tennis team particpiated in RSCP Table Tennis Tournament 2014 with the other 6 teams from Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Hong Kong Bar Association, Hong Kong Dental Association, The Law Society of Hong Kong , The Hong Kong Medical Association and The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.


The HKIA Table Tennis Team 2014

During the year, ArchSD Dragon Boat Racing Team has actively participated in various competitions. Every practice and competition provides us with excellent opportunities to build up and demonstrate our team spirit.

The Dragon Boat Racing Team got ready for the race
The Dragon Boat Racing Team reached the finish line with joy and excitement

Staff Motivation Scheme

Since 1993, the Staff Motivation Scheme has been conducted with an aim to achieve productivity gain and improve performance and service quality of our staff. The Scheme also helps build a sense of belonging among our staff members.

During the year, we organised the following activities under the Staff Motivation Scheme:

Three rounds of online quizzes were launched to foster a collective learning culture and boost staff awareness of KM and ArchSD Academy among staff.

The Building Maintenance Tips Community was established with two objectives. The main objective is to collect building maintenance tips and recommendations yielded from maintenance experience gained from our projects and building works in order to avoid building defects, or to prevent future maintenance problems by better planning, design and construction details. These valuable building maintenance tips would also help speed up repair works, or would minimise impacts resulted from defects related incidents. Another objective is to arouse the awareness of colleagues on the consideration of future maintenance at various building stages to minimise possible problems in future maintenance by appropriate design and material selections; provision of adequate maintenance access to various building elements and hidden facilities; proper layouts design for plumbing and drainage pipeworks; as well as the importance of good workmanship and construction sequence, etc. in our projects and construction works.


Building Maintenance Tips Community

To foster a sense of belonging among our staff members, we launched a competition to encourage staff to design interesting bookmarks which could help propagate the knowledge harvesting and sharing culture in ArchSD. By highlighting the buildings and features designed by ArchSD, the selected bookmarks may be adopted for future use.



Winning Design - Bookmarks cum Paper Rulers

A competition was held to invite designs for Community Green Stations from architect grade professionals. The objective of the competition is to stimulate and collect innovative ideas for promoting design excellence with emphasis on architectural innovation, buildability and environmental consideration. Staff members were invited to utilise their expertise to develop a modular building system with adaptability to suit different site of varied parameters. The submission should implement the 3S concepts on productivity enhancement to help alleviate the problem of labour shortage in the construction industry and adopt sustainable building design approach with due consideration of the prevailing green initiatives.


Winning Design – The Symbiotic Box

A competition related to the clause illustration to General Specification was launched to promote staff awareness of site activities and to enhance staff dedication to site work. All site staff were divided into nine groups to compete for the group winners. A champion will be selected from the nine group winners. The group competition approach helps foster team spirit among in-house site supervisory staff. Moreover, after editing, the designs were posted into Knowledge Management hub for knowledge sharing.


Champion - Clause Illustration of General Specification for Building on 'Sprayed Concrete and Fixing Reinforcement'

Our Building Services Branch ran a wallpaper design competition to promote inter team spirits of the branch. The team composed of representative from professional, technical and site supervisory grades. The competition demonstrates good team work within the branch.


Webpage of the Wallpaper Design Competition

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and therefore initiated a poster competition to encourage staff to do regular body stretching at workplace. With easy and clear illustrations of the stretching exercises, the poster provides excellence guidelines for staff to take simple exercises while they are working in the office.


First Prize – Stretch More, Stress Less


Second Prize – 手舞築蹈

To engage staff in improving the layout and presentation of the intranet homepage of Quantity Surveying Branch, a competition was organised to invite fresh and modern ideas from staff. While maintaining the professional image of the current homepage, the new design was intended to enhance the user-friendliness and to enrich users’ browsing experience.

Dual Champion

To raise public awareness and appreciation of communal facilities built by ArchSD, staff members were invited to produce different creative promotional materials including flyer, leaflet and pamphlet. Equipped with photos, drawings, diagrams and concise notes, the materials would be used to arouse public attention on ArchSD’s efforts.

Different Creative Designs

A competition was held to promote innovative and smart construction methods. Staff members were invited to explore efficient design for different precast concrete elements which can be used in future projects. The competition encourages improvement in performance and service quality, as well as achieving efficiency and productivity gain.

A competition was held to invite the innovative design ideas from those professionals of ArchSD to facilitate the development of final design by the project team for the new Eastern District Cultural Square. The competition encourages our staff to generate project ideas that fulfil the following aims:

Selected submissions of the design idea competition for Eastern District Cultural Square

A competition was held to encourage our staff to propose basic design framework for the Departmental Display in Flower Show 2015. The winning entry was further developed for implementation. Participation in the Flower Show also provides good opportunities for our young landscape architects to sharpen their skills and talents in design and procurement of landscape and floral display.


Winner of the Design Competition for ArchSD’s Departmental Display in Flower Show 2015 received a trophy from our top management
Design concept of the winning entry
ArchSD Display in Flower Show 2015


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