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Architectural Services Department - ArchSD Sustainability Report 2015

Management Approach / Strategy and Management

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Sub-sections in Management Approach

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Strategy and Management

ArchSD performs three core functions in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in the following programme areas:


Strategy and Management

Our Vision, Mission and Values




Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

To steer a sustainable culture in our operations, we have developed a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy. When offering our clients a comprehensive range of multi-disciplinary services for public buildings and facilities, we are committed to:


As a department under the Hong Kong SAR Government, we adhere to the policies stipulated by the Civil Service Bureau as part of our internal governance measure.

Over the years, we have followed international standards and industry best practices where applicable to strengthen our governance approach and operations. We have established and implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with international standards including ISO 9001 on service quality management, ISO 14001 on environmental management and OHSAS 18001 on occupational, health and safety management. In 2014, we have further expanded our IMS to cover ISO 50001 Energy Management System for APB Centre. The IMS enables us to continually improve operational performance, while achieving service excellence which is in line with our Vision, Mission and Values, as well as Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy.

Apart from the IMS, we follow the safety-associated guidelines developed by the Development Bureau (DEVB) to ensure our safety-associated provisions such as site safety training, pay for safety, and safety model workers award scheme, are properly addressed in our works contracts. With regard to labour issue, we strictly adhere to the Employment Ordinance which protects the right and benefits of the employees. For large-scaled construction projects, a Labour Relations Officer would be appointed to help solve the disputes between contractors and workers at early stage.

Our Senior Staff Forum, led by the Director, is responsible for overseeing the management and operation strategies of ArchSD. The Forum is entrusted with the development of our sustainability strategies, policies and goals as well as reviewing our sustainability performance as part of our IMS at least once a year.


Members of the Senior Staff Forum, from left to right:
Mrs. Alice YU, PD/3; Mrs. Sylvia LAM, PD/2; Mr. Frank WONG, PD/1; Ms. Sheron LI, JP, AD(QS); Mr. Stephen TANG, JP, DDArchS; Mr. K.K. LEUNG, JP, DArchS; Mr. K.T. LEUNG, JP, AD(SE); Mr. S.K. HO, JP, AD(BS); Miss Deborah AU, DS; Mr. Benny CHAN, AD(A); Mr. C.K. HUI, AD(PS)

In addition, we have established a number of steering committees to ensure the Department's governance.

Governmance Structure


Governmance Structure

Risk Management

We carefully assess risks associated with our operations. We conduct risk assessments at both the Department and project sites and take necessary actions to prevent or mitigate risks as far as practicable.

At the Departmental level, we identify and manage potential risks through the implementation of a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" mechanism under our IMS on quality, environment, health and safety in relation to our services and operations.

Regarding individual projects, we follow guidelines issued by the DEVB Technical Circular (Works) No. 22/1993 on "Estimating Using Risk Analysis" and No. 6/2005 on "Implementation of Systematic Risk Management in Public Works Projects". We manage potential risks throughout the project lifecycle starting from the inception of a project to the completion of its construction. In addition, project teams conduct integrated management workshops with various stakeholders during the course of project delivery to assist us in analysing risk and formulating effective controls.

We require all staff to uphold a high level of ethical standards and professional integrity by strictly following the principles stated in the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. Potential bribery or corruption cases shall be reported to the Senior Staff Forum and the Independent Commission Against Corruption for further investigation. During the reporting period, there was no such case reported.

Involvement in External Associations and Committees

In terms of community involvement, some of our senior management members participate in a number of professional bodies and committees to provide statutory, professional and technical advice to support local initiatives such as developing public policies on building design and architectural issues, and serve the industry and the community at large. For instance, our senior staff members are involved in:


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