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ArchSD remains resolute in improving departmental performance. A Departmental Annual Plan (DAP) that encompasses our objectives and targets is prepared annually. In addition, cross-functional review meetings were conducted on a regular basis to review the progress for each objective. Four focus areas were outlined in our DAP 2018/19 and we have marked the highlights of our major achievements as below:

Focus Area in Annual Plan 2018/19 Achievement Highlights

Enhance design optimisation, innovative construction and cost control

  • Established the InnoC Focus Group to support project teams in exploring innovative construction opportunities

  • Explored innovative construction ideas within the industry by organising symposium, sharing sessions and factory visits

  • Adopted Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in the Disciplined Services Quarters at Pak Shing Kok as a pilot public works project

  • Established a cost analysis framework for innovative construction methods, e.g. '3S' (Standardisation, Simplification and Single Integrated Element) and MiC

  • Conducted a symposium on innovation as a knowledge sharing platform for professionals and academics in the construction industry

  1. Enhance public safety and building resilience 

  • Conducted detailed structural surveys for around 2,920 government buildings (as at 31 March 2019)

  • Promoted best practices by launching the Community of Practice (CoP) for Curtain Wall & Façade Cladding Design and conducting academy session on Quality Control on Design & Installation of External Façade Stone Cladding

  • Explored building resilience enhancement measures through studies on threats of critical building services (BS) system breakdown under extreme weather and corresponding BS design measures

  1. Enhance Corporate Intelligence and Knowledge Management (KM) development

  • Established the CO-i Steering Committee (CO-iSC) and CoP on BIM and InnoC, and Advanced Technologies

  • Commenced Information System Study (ISS) and established a dedicated IT team for the CO-i development

  • Enhanced efficiency and capabilities through the implementation of BIM

  • Collaborated with Buildings Department to organise 14 Academy talks and BD's sharing sessions for exchange of knowledge

  • Developed or revised particular specification for BIM, BIM Clause for Lead Consultancy and BIM guide for different branches respectively

  1. Enhance staff training and development programme

  • Organised a study tour to Shenzhen and Huizhou as one of the staff’s career development activities with a total of 33 professional, site supervisory and technical grade staff participated

  • Conducted 56 Academy talks and participated a total of 33 training programmes on InnoC and BIM

ArchSD has established an ongoing stakeholder engagement mechanism to gain a deeper understanding on the opinions, priorities and values of our broad range of stakeholders. We strive to maintain a two- way communication channel to address the needs and build long-term loyalty among our stakeholders. Our engagement channels are summarised as below:

GRI102- 40
GRI102- 43
GRI102- 44

In preparation of this Report, a total of five independent interviews were undertaken in addition to our ongoing engagement practice with delegates of our key stakeholder groups. Representatives from staff, contractor, professional institution and client were engaged to better understand their concerns and obtain feedback for the continuous improvement in relation to ArchSD's sustainability initiatives and performance.