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Commitment to Quality Green Buildings

Being one of the industry pioneers at the same time aligning with the Government's strategies in climate change mitigation, ArchSD is committed to embedding sustainability elements into both new and existing projects. We drive the implementation of green building initiatives across industries, in particular our contractors and industry partners.

One significant example is that ArchSD has been proactively adopting the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) on new projects in recent years. This voluntary labelling scheme is welcomed by more industry peers in Hong Kong with our support and effort. The entire life cycle performance of buildings from planning, design and construction to management, operation and maintenance will be examined under the scheme. Buildings will be awarded applicable credits under each performance category as well as an overall performance grade upon fulfilling the assessment criteria.

As of the end of 2018, we have successfully earned the BEAM and BEAM Plus certifications for 54 buildings, and BEAM Plus Interior certifications for 2 offices and BEAM Plus Existing Building (Selective Scheme) for one office.

Certified Buildings under the BEAM up to 2018

Type of Certificate Rating Subtotal



Very Good


BEAM Certification* (Version 1/96R, 2/96 & 2/96R)








BEAM Certification** (Version 4/03 & 4/04)




BEAM Plus (New Buildings) Certification*** (Version 1.1 & 1.2)





BEAM Plus (Interior) Certification




BEAM Plus Existing Building (Version 2.0 Selective Scheme) Certification



Total 57

Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 1/96R – An Environmental Assessment Method for New Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1999;
  • Version 2/96 – An Environmental Assessment Method for Existing Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1996; and
  • Version 2/96R – An Environmental Assessment Method for Existing Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1999.

Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 4/03 – Pilot Version of Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method for New Buildings Developments. 2003; and
  • Version 4/04 – Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method for New Buildings. 2004.

Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 1.1 - BEAM Plus New Buildings. 2010; and
  • Version 1.2 - BEAM Plus New Buildings. 2012.

Enhancing Green and Safety Culture of Contractors

ArchSD always prioritise workplace safety and therefore all of our contractors are required to follow applicable site safety requirements and apply industry best practices. Contractors are encouraged to access comprehensive guidance materials in our knowledge bank, including site safety checklists, briefing notes, safety audit results, and other relevant documents. To raise the safety awareness of our contractors, we also actively disseminate information regarding Work Safety Alerts issued by Labour Department and other safety reminders to them periodically.

In order to safeguard the public interest and occupational health of employees, members of our Departmental Safety & Environmental Advisory Unit visit project locations to perform surprise inspections regarding particular site safety issues and to ensure corrective actions are taken in a timely manner.

In 2018, we completed a total of 132 site inspections on selected site safety topics or issues and surprise site safety inspections for new works sites, including:

  • Site cleanliness and mosquito control (29%, 38 nos. of inspection)
  • Safe manoeuvring of mobile plant (14%, 19 nos. of inspection)
  • Electrical safety (11%, 14 nos. of inspection)
  • Working at height safety (15%, 20 nos. of inspection)
  • Bamboo scaffold safety (9%, 12 nos. of inspection)
  • Surprise site safety inspection (22%, 29 nos. of inspection)

Green and Smart Practices of Contractors

In order to monitor on-site environmental performance and facilitate continual improvement, diversified measures have been adopted by our contractors and applied on site operations regarding on ArchSD's projects. Innovative and self-initiated practises were also introduced. The four major green and smart practices are described as follows:

Recognitions to Contractors

ArchSD highly appreciates outstanding performance of contractors, subcontractors and site personnel in demonstrating good environmental performance, site safety and considerate manner in carrying out public works. Therefore, two formal commendation – Considerate Contractors Site Awards and the Green Contractor Award are offered annually.

Considerate Contractors Site Awards

With the objectives of raising awareness of construction site safety and promoting good practices in both safety and environmental aspects, the Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme is jointly organised by DEVB and Construction Industry Council annually to recognise the contractors' effort. For public works sites, nominated entrants of public work site are divided into two categories based on the contract nature – (i) New Work Contracts and (ii) Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Addition (RMAA) Works Contracts. To ensure fairness and objectivity, comprehensive assessment will be done with coverage of multiple aspects such as environmental consciousness, site safety performance and management. There are six award categories in total, including Considerate Contractors Site Awards, the Outstanding Environmental Management and Performance Awards, Model Worker Awards, Model Frontline Supervisor Awards, Model Subcontractor Frontline Supervisor Awards and Model Subcontractor Awards.

The 25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 27 May 2019, where top performing 'considerate' sites from both the public works and the non-public works celebrated their success. ArchSD's contractors received the great honour of 4 awards including:

25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony
25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony
Contracts Achievements
Considerate Contractors Site Award

New Works Category

Construction of Sports Centre, Community Hall and Football Pitches in Area 1, Tai Po (Contract No. SS E509) Contractor: Hanison Construction Company Limited


Conversion of the Former French Mission Building for Accommodation Use by Law-related Organisations and Related Purposes at Battery Path, Central (Contract No. RF E512)Contractor: Hop Lee Builders Company Limited


Design and Construction of Kwun Tong Staff Quarters at 4 Tseung Kwan O Road, Kowloon (Contract No.SS D502) Contractor: Yau Lee Construction Company Limited


RMAA Works Category

Term Contract for Ground Investigation and Laboratory Testing for which Architectural Services Department is Responsible in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and the Outlying Islands (Contract No. TC E521) Contractor: Geotechnics & Concrete Engineering (H.K.) Limited


Interview with Contractor

Mr. Alvin KWOK, Project Manager of Yau Lee Construction Company Limited

Mr. Alvin KWOK
Project Manager of Yau Lee Construction Company Limited

As a contractor for the design and construction of Kwun Tong Staff Quarters at 4 Tseung Kwan O Road, we work closely with ArchSD to demolish two blocks of existing residential buildings and develop the new staff quarters. In this project, we achieved BEAM Plus, practised dust suppression control measures and complied with other environmental regulations as set out in the contract specification, while adopting innovative measures including prefabrication and precast elements. ArchSD management staff made frequent site visits to monitor progress and provide technical support to our frontline staff as well as to keep us abreast of the latest OHS practices to ensure zero accidents. ArchSD solicited some of our ideas and suggestions during construction phase such as putting on hold the percussive pilling during students' examination period to control the noise impact to the neighbourhood.

We are also encouraged by ArchSD to strive for excellence while benchmarking our site performance with the industry. As such, we participated in different incentive schemes such as 'Pay for Safety and Environment Scheme' and 'Green Contractor Award 2018' to apply more green measures on site. We are pleased that our project was commended with Merit Award in Public Works – New Works of the 25th Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme.

Throughout this project, we are happy to create partner synergy and build up a closer relationship with ArchSD, who has offered us sufficient resources and professional guidance. We look forward to our future partnership and will continue to explore sustainable initiatives for the industry.


We highly appreciate the dedication of our contractor and project team in completion of this project successfully. On top of advocating mutual trust and collaboration to remain steadfast in our mission, we will continue to listen to the feedback and suggestions of our contractor and encourage them to provide innovative solutions for delivering quality, cost effectiveness and sustainable facilities for the community.