Case Study

Temporary Quarantine Centre at Penny's Bay

  • Temporary Quarantine Centre at Penny's Bay, Lantau Island

  • Temporary Quarantine Centre at Penny's Bay, Lantau Island

  • Temporary Quarantine Centre at Penny's Bay, Lantau Island

  • Quarantine units standardised and adopted MiC for off-site fabrication

  • On-site installation of MiC units

  • Collaboration with various phases of project contractors for construction coordination

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Construction of this magnitude in such a speed was first of its kind

We worked closely with various bureaux, departments and contractors to provide over 3,000 number of new quarantine units in phases at penny’s bay within a 10-month period.

The COVID-19 outbreak spread rapidly in the world in 2020. The compulsory quarantine demands far outnumbered the available quarantine facilities at the time. There was an urgent need to increase quarantine facilities to avoid widespread of virus in the local community. To tackle this, we have applied an innovative construction method, MiC, which contributing to the fast-track completion of the project.

The quarantine units are standardised for off-site fabrication. Fully furnished volumetric MiC units, prefabricated stairs, corridors, mechanical, electrical and plumbing modules were delivered directly to the site from factories and were ready to use after simple installation. This method enhanced efficiency, shortened the construction period and improved site safety and building quality. With innovating and caring in mind, we also utilised easy-to-clean materials and enhanced drainage design to lower the risk of possible spread of viruses and germs.

Construction of this magnitude at such a speed is first of its kind. The project has turned risks into opportunities and we have witnessed the passion for innovation through joining hands with the whole construction industry.