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Understanding the Building Process and Team Work – Building Services Engineers

The duty of Building Services Engineers is to design and determine the most suitable building services installations for a building and to make sure the systems function properly, so as to provide users with a safe, comfortable, and modern life.

In fact, building services come in a wide variety and are an essential part of daily life. One may use and see various building services installations in our daily life. For example, electricity and water supply systems, lift and escalator, and air conditioning system. Other installations are of supporting and lifesaving functions, such as fire service and security systems. It is difficult to imagine living without all these building services installations in a modern city like Hong Kong.

Apart from that, Building Services Engineers also need to pay attention to environmental protection. They need to strike a balance on saving water and electricity but without causing inconvenience to the users. "Green Living" has become a trend nowadays, designers have to cleverly adopt innovative designs in building services systems, such as compact fluorescent lamps, solar photovoltaic system, and wind power system etc. These examples show a good balancing between modern living and environmental protection.

What are the essential characters and qualities required for a Building Services Engineer?

To design electrical installation, air conditioning system, fire service installation, water supply, and security systems on each floor of a building, Building Services Engineers should have a clear mindset and good organisation ability. On the other hand, they need to have an in-depth scientific knowledge in order to select the appropriate system and materials for these installations. Building Services Engineers also need to have creativity to meet modern people´s aspiration for quality of life and "green living".

Career Path
- obtain a recognised degree in Building Services Engineering, or equivalent;
- fulfill the professional training requirements and responsible experience; and
- successfully complete the professional assessment.

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers