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Understanding the Building Process and Teamwork

In a vibrant international city like Hong Kong, one never fails to see new buildings emerging around the metropolis. Not only do these buildings change the life style and improve the living environment of those who inhabit it, they also bring along many job opportunities throughout the construction process.

However, bringing a building to reality is a long and complicated process.

From initial project planning to completion, there needs to be a highly professional team from various disciplines bringing their expertise on project outline, feasibility study, conceptual design, detailed design, tendering, construction, commissioning, and maintenance to complete the task.

No one person will be able to make all the decisions and put everything together. The task is just too daunting. But how should the work be divided among a team of people?

  1. Project Manager
    Finding out the needs (e.g. what the building is intended for) and constraints (e.g. budget) of the building and its users, preparing the scope of works, coordinating all team members
  2. Architect
    Designing the building according to the needs
  3. Structural Engineer
    Working out how to build structurally, such as figuring out where to put the columns, beams, and structural walls
  4. Building Services Engineer
    Equipping the building with the fixtures (e.g. electrical installation, water supply system, fire service installation, air conditioning etc.)
  5. Landscape Architect
    Designing the external area and open spaces outside the building, adding trees, plants, and greenery
  6. Quantity Surveyor
    Estimating the costs involved, inviting contractors to submit bids to construct the building
  7. Survey Officers (Quantity)
    Assisting cost estimation and preparing bid documents
  8. Technical Officer
    Preparing architectural and structural drawings of the building for project team members to construct
  9. Site Supervisor
    Supervising the construction process on-site, making sure that the building is completed on time and up to standard
  10. Builder
    Construct the building according to the plan
  11. Maintenance Surveyor
    Conducting periodic surveys of the building and arranging maintenance works