Roles and Organisation Structure

Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) performs three core functions in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in the following programme areas:

Monitoring and advisory service - to provide effective professional and technical advice to the Government and quasi-government organisations and to oversee subvented, joint-venture and entrusted projects.

Facilities upkeep - to provide efficient and cost-effective professional and project management services for the maintenance and refurbishment of buildings and facilities.

Facilities development – to provide efficient, cost-effective and timely architectural and associated professional and project management services for the design and construction of buildings and related facilities.

ArchSD Role in the Government of the HKSAR

Organisation Structure

With our senior management overseeing and directing the overall sustainability strategies and policies of ArchSD, we have assigned representatives and groups to drive sustainability across the organisation. These representatives and groups include Monitoring and Advisory Committee, Integrated Management Committee, Green Building Committee, Corporate Intelligence Steering Committee, Green Manager, Integrated Management Working Group, Integrated Management Unit, Departmental Safety & Environmental Advisory Unit, Occupational Health & Safety Representatives Working Group, and Construction and Demolition Material Vetting Committee.

Management Team

  • Mrs. Sylvia LAM, Justice of the Peace, Director of Architectural Services
  • Ms. Winnie HO, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Director of Architectural Services
  • Mr. Frank WONG, Justice of the Peace, Project Director/1
  • Mr. K.M. LEUNG, Assistant Director (Quantity Surveying)
  • Ms. Alice YEUNG, Justice of the Peace, Assistant Director (Architectural)
  • Mr. K.L. TSE, Justice of the Peace, Assistant Director (Structural Engineering)
  • Mr. Alan SIN, Assistant Director (Property Services)
  • Mr. K.C. MAK, Justice of the Peace, Assistant Director (Building Services)
  • Ms. Doreen KWAN, Departmental Secretary
  • Mr. Edward TSE, Justice of the Peace, Project Director/3
  • Mr. Michael LI, Project Director/2
  • Mr. Allen LEUNG, Project Director/4
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