• We are committed to connecting with the community, and providing public buildings and facilities of finest quality
  • We strive to promoting a sustainable city and living through providing the community with safe, inclusive and green public spaces
  • Social considerations are incorporated into our buildings to create a harmonious and inclusive living environment for the city
UNSDGs 11.Sustainable Cities and Communities

Community Energisation


ArchSD is dedicated to building a more sustainable city with our industry partners, user departments and stakeholders in developing and maintaining the public facilities for the general public. With this commitment, ArchSD is determined to integrate social considerations in our projects to improve the quality of urban living through a variety of means, including providing high-quality and accessible public spaces, and encouraging group activities to advocate communication between members of the community.

Promoting Greenery and Art

With a dense urban environment, accessible and quality public spaces are highly valued in Hong Kong. We are dedicated in creating inclusive public spaces, that can be shared by different groups of members of the community to enhance interactions and social cohesion despite different needs and interests. These spaces are also blended with the ideas of urban greenery and community characteristics, allowing the visitors to enjoy drops of leisure moments, and get a respite from the fast-paced environment.

Tsui Ping River Garden

To optimise land use associated with the Tsui Ping River, Shing Yip Street Rest Garden was reprovisioned as Tsui Ping River Garden. Tsui Ping River Garden, with an area of about 5,800 m2, is located next to the business area in Kwun Tong, serving as a cosy and inclusive public space that connects and energise the nearby community citizens. The Garden provides various facilities, including a covered multi-purpose area, an elderly fitness corner, a featured lawn area, a viewing deck, rain shelters, a small water feature, landscaped areas and other ancillary facilities, to satisfy the diverse needs of different community groups including but not limited to children and elderlies. Surrounding by green areas with signature landscape plants, a covered multi-purpose area is available for people to gather and share memorable moments together.

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Redevelopment of Sai Lau Kok Garden

Despite being located at the centre of Tsuen Wan District, Sai Lau Kok Garden suffered from low usage rates. To encourage the use of Sai Lau Kok Garden, it was redeveloped with enhanced connections to the Tsuen Wan mass transit railway station and nearby extensive footbridge network, serving as an urban hub. Sai Lau Kok Garden is now easily accessible by the community groups living in the district and provides spaces and amenities to satisfy the diverse needs of these groups in leisure time. The Garden is featured by the adoption of urban greenery and green building design which greatly facilitate the visual connection and urban ventilation.

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Revitalisation of the Rear Portion of the Cattle Depot

In addressing the community's demands for refreshment zones, we revitalised the Rear Portion of the Cattle Depot into Cattle Depot Art Park to create public spaces for organising art and cultural activities and promote the community characteristic.

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Advocating a Healthy Living City

In ArchSD, we endeavour in creating a liveable environment for every individual in the city. We strive to participate in the projects that go beyond satisfying the basic needs of community, instead, promoting a healthy living city.

Tuen Mun Siu Lun Government Complex

Located in Tuen Mun, Siu Lun Government Complex is an integrated building which composed of two main blocks, namely the office and the recreational blocks, and are linked by an open-air communal atrium at podium level. It is a highly compact and efficient development that seamlessly integrates five Government Departments in order to provide a wide-variety of public services and recreational facilities in one-stop. A lot of communal space and recreational area are also provided within the complex to promote healthy life style and encourage socialization for people of all ages.

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Shatin Che Kung Temple Sports Centre

Located in Shatin, the 4-storey Che Kung Temple Sports Centre offers a wide range of sports facilities, including games arena, fitness room, dance room, children playroom and multi-purpose rooms for different groups of users in the nearby neighborhood. With beautiful hillside greenery, the sports centre not only advocates a healthy lifestyle, but also allows users to relax in this neighborhood garden.

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Supporting Community Events

We have been demonstrating our support to the industry and society through participating in public events and exhibitions over the years. We value the opportunities to present and display our designs and building practices to industry partners and the community while interacting with those parties.

2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition – Hong Kong Garden

In 2019, ArchSD participated in the Beijing Expo together with our building, the Hong Kong Garden. With a theme of 'Hong Kong – The City of Contrast', the garden juxtaposes two contrasting conditions: the representation of urban fabric and hyper dense condition in Hong Kong. This raises the awareness about urban greening. Hong Kong Garden is composed of three components: the Horticultural Garden, the Architectural Pavilion, and the Artistic Feature Wall.

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When Dreams Blossom - Hong Kong Flower Show 2019

In 2019, ArchSD continued to support the annual Hong Kong Flower Show organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). To demonstrate both the event theme 'When Dreams Blossom' and our commitment in making every endeavour in weaving good dreams of Hong Kong throughout the years for a prosperous future, our exhibit was designed to present the features of a dream weaver. Its layered structure together with colourful nets and hanging plants outlines a picture that people are entering good dreams and leaving with blessings.

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