• We strive to uphold the highest health and safety standards through our commitments in the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and by conducting regular safety inspections and risk assessments to safeguard our workforce
  • We support our team in developing professional qualifications to unleash their potential by offering diverse and innovative learning and development opportunities
UNSDGs 8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
UNSDGs 4.Quality Education

Caring for Our Staff


ArchSD attributes the department's success to our every staff and their unremitting efforts. The professionalism and dedication rooted in the team secure our daily delivery of quality service and buildings. Through the provision of ample professional training opportunities and a pleasant and safe working environment with staff caring initiatives, we strive to make the time of our staff working at ArchSD one of the most enjoyable experiences in their career journey, as well as a landmark of their realisation of self's abilities and values.

Our sustainability focuses aligned with the UNSDGs have guided the development of our internal management and continuous improvement on occupational health and safety, human resources development and wellbeing.

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

We value the health and safety of all people working in premises controlled by ArchSD and ensure they can excel themselves in a workplace that is free of occupational health and safety hazards. Committed in our departmental Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy, we take every opportunity to minimising the chance of work-related injury and illness occurring throughout our operations.

Looking up to international best practices and industry standards, we manage our performance and measures through the department-wide ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System established under our Integrated Management System (IMS). The Occupational Health and Safety Representatives Working Group (OHSRWG) monitors and reviews quarterly the Department's health and safety performance against the internal operational standards and targets set, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of relevant measures adopted. The OHSRWG also shoulders the responsibilities of the consultation and communication between the Integrated Management Committee, which is chaired by the Deputy Director of Architectural Services, and general staff, ensuring all the health and safety related matters of their concerns are heard and seriously dealt with.

To construct a solid foundation for the system and gain thorough understanding of our ongoing performance, we carry out regular safety inspections to identify health and safety hazards across ArchSD's offices and project sites. We evaluate the likelihood of different potential hazards and the associated impacts on our people, proceeding to the formulation and implementation of mitigation plans. Any identified hazards are investigated and monitored closely by the designated personnel at both departmental and project levels, while reports and records are well maintained. In addition, safety audit programme covering areas of Lifting Safety, Electrical Safety and Housekeeping were conducted during the year to ensure rigid compliance of standards and promote safety awareness.

In line with our occupational health and safety related policy, guidelines and management systems, we devote time and resources in training our staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge which facilitate their performance of duties in accordance with the required health and safety standards. The trainings include but are not limited to Safety of Maneuvering & Lifting Operation of Mobile Plant, Construction Industry and Environmental Engineering Safety, Construction Site Safety of Building Services Works and Safety of Maintenance Works. We also arrange emergency evacuation drills to all levels of staff in order to familiar them with the procedures and routes, while raising their awareness of the surroundings in the workplace.

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