Valuing Wellbeing of Staff

At ArchSD, we encourage our staff to pursue work-life balance and maintain a good mental and physical wellbeing. We also strive to foster a harmonious working environment and a strong team spirit, of which the team supports each other through work and personal challenges and ultimately achieve a collective success.

We continued to organise a wide spectrum of sports and recreational activities through our ArhSD Site Supervisory Staff's Recreation, Sports and Welfare Group and encourage staff's participation in external events. During the year, a total of 19 sports and recreational activities, such as regular sport training, hiking, stargazing and hobby classes, were organised for our staff.

Highlights of Sports and Recreational Activities in 2019

Development Bureau Table Tennis Tournament

Dragon Boat Fun Day

ArchSD Inter-branch Badminton Tournament

Sha Tin Dragon Boat Festival

Stargazing and Night Tour at Sai Kung

Hiking at Sai Kung

Interview with Staff

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Mr. Suen Chin YU

Mr. Suen Chin YU

Chief Clerk of Works (Admin)

Interview Summary

We attach great importance to providing ample training and development opportunities and promoting communication so as to develop a greater sense of engagement and technical proficiency amongst our staff. The experience-sharing platform, the KM Portal, and the integrated 'TEAM+' programme have impressed many of our staff, that they enable easy, systematic and active knowledge transfer and have facilitated the Department's talent development and effective succession planning. Our team will continue to improve on the overall management of our team development and performance, as well as taking care of our staff's wellbeing.


Our Response

ArchSD has indeed devoted tremendous resources in upscaling our training and development opportunities to staff. It is great to received positive feedback from colleagues across different levels. Thanks to the contributions and dedication of every staff member, our performance is well recognised by the industry. We are committed to exploring and upgrading our supporting measures to ensure our team is competent at dealing with challenges in all dimensions.

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