• We promote great inclusiveness and value diversity in workforce by providing equal opportunities in employment practices
  • We provide various training opportunities for all people working for or on behalf of ArchSD to improve efficiency, service quality and long-term environmental and social performance
  • We continue to maintain a strong corporate governance mechanism to uphold high level of ethical standards and professional integrity, with zero tolerance to corruption
UNSDGs 5.Gender Equality
UNSDGs 8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Strategy and Management

A robust governance structure and function is the fundamental driving force of ArchSD's sustainable development. Our senior management oversee the implementation and execution of the Department's sustainability strategies and policies. Led by our senior management, all members of the Department uphold high standards of ethics and professionalism in our daily operations to bring the greatest benefits to all stakeholders.

Facilities Development


Facilities Upkeep


Monitoring and Advisory Services



Our Vision, Mission and Values


  • Serve and care for our community by enriching the living environment through quality professional services


  • Ensure the quality, cost effectiveness and sustainable development of community facilities
  • Ensure the quality and cost effectiveness in the upkeeping of community facilities
  • Provide quality professional advisory services on community facilities and related matters
  • Promote best practices in the building industry


  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Team Spirit
  • Partnering Spirit
  • Caring Attitude
  • Integrity
  • Versatility
  • Continuous Improvement

Governance Structure

As a government department, ArchSD abides by the highest level of governance, policies and practices set by the Civil Service Bureau. A Senior Staff Forum (SSF), chaired by the Director, is in place to oversee internal operations and sustainable development agenda. The SSF is also responsible for the formulation and regular review of Departmental policies, strategies and goals. In addition, we have established multiple steering committees to oversee different areas of operations within the Department.

Management Approach

Strategy & Management

Mr. Alan Sin
Mr. Alan Sin

Mr. Alan SIN
Assistant Director (Property Services)

Mrs. Sylvia Lam
Mrs. Sylvia Lam

Mrs. Sylvia LAM
Director of Architectural Services

Ms. Winnie Ho
Ms. Winnie Ho

Ms. Winnie HO
Deputy Director of Architectural Services

Mr. Michael Li
Mr. Michael Li

Mr. Michael LI
Project Director/2

Mr. K.L. Tse

Mr. K.L. TSE
Assistant Director (Structural Engineering)

Mr. Frank Wong
Mr. Frank Wong

Mr. Frank WONG
Project Director/1

Ms. Alice Yeung
Ms. Alice Yeung

Ms. Alice YEUNG
Assistant Director (Architectural)

Mr. K.C. Mak

Mr. K.C. MAK
Assistant Director (Building Services)

Mr. Allen Leung

Mr. Allen LEUNG
Project Director/4

Ms. Doreen Kwan
Ms. Doreen Kwa

Ms. Doreen KWAN
Departmental Secretary

Mr. Edward Tse
Mr. Edward Tse

Mr. Edward TSE
Project Director/3

Mr. K.M. Leung

Assistant Director (Quantity Surveying)

Policy and Guidelines

ArchSD has put in place a Departmental Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy that showcases our explicit commitments to promote long-term sustainability in our operations.

ArchSD strictly follows the below guidelines for all our services and operations:

  • Fulfil the agreed requirements of our clients to the highest professional standards;
  • Deliver our services in an environmentally responsible manner by implementing conservation of energy, preventing pollution and reducing the consumption of natural resources to protect the environment;
  • Manage to eliminate our hazards and reduce our health and safety risks to ensure and provide a safe and healthy environment for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health from our staff, our contractors and other people who may be affected by our work;
  • Involve and, where appropriate, consult our staff, our contractors and other people who may be affected by our work, and their representatives in the improvement of our safety and health performance;
  • Fulfil all compliance obligations including applicable legislation and other requirements, and wherever practicable, to achieve standards beyond those that are legally required;
  • Provide adequate resources and training to all staff and provide appropriate training to persons working for or on behalf of ArchSD and to continually improve our quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management system to enhance performance and effectiveness; and
  • Promote ArchSD's principles of quality, environmental sustainability, health and safety to our partners in work, the construction industry and the general public.

ArchSD has obtained certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System which altogether constitute our Integrated Management System (IMS). The system ensures our operations meet the international standards. In addition, the APB Centre in Hung Hom has achieved ISO 50001 Energy Management since 2014. For continuous improvement, the SSF will keep up to monitor and review the performance of our IMS at least once a year.

Risk Management

To minimise potential hazards and harms to our operations, we actively identify and monitor emerging risks and thereby implement various mitigation plans. Through a comprehensive risk assessment exercise, we identify, assess, mitigate and monitor potential risks within our operational control and report details of the assessment to the Department for considerations in any decision-making process.

Our project risk assessment exercise strictly follows the guidelines published by the Development Bureau (DEVB), such as the Technical Circular (Works) No. 6/2005 on 'Implementation of Systematic Risk Management in Public Works Projects'. We manage and control potential risks throughout the entire lifecycle of our projects. Project teams would organise integrated risk assessment workshops to identify risks and formulate precautionary control measures for effective monitoring.

Ethics and Professionalism

ArchSD adheres to high standards of integrity and ethics. We require all staff to comply with the regulations stated in the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. Any cases of suspected bribery or corruption shall be immediately reported to the SSF and the Independent Commission Against Corruption for further investigation. During the reporting period, there were no such cases reported.

We attach great importance to secure employment rights and support employees in building their capabilities and technical proficiency. We go beyond the mere compliance of the Employment Ordinance and provide diverse benefits and training opportunities to our employees. Putting great emphasis on safety practices in construction sites, the Department uphold safety standards adhering or even surpassing statutory requirements and requirements set out in the provisions of safety guidelines published by the DEVB. We also organise and actively participate in events such as ArchSD's Site Safety Model Workers Award Scheme, Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme co-organised by DEVB and the Construction Industry Council and trials of new site safety initiatives to encourage proactive safety management practices. For our large-scale construction projects, we appoint Labour Relations Officers in early stage to resolve any disputes between contractors and workers.

Apart from employment practices, ArchSD also focuses on the quality of service we delivered. We conduct annual customer satisfaction survey to review our performance and service quality. We have established a dedicated team to handle clients' feedback and opinions to drive continuous improvement.

Way Forward

Aiming to improve the efficiency and quality of design, production and operation of the construction industry, ArchSD will continue to enrich Innovation and Technologies (I&T) application and Knowledge Management (KM) development.

In the recent years, we have been developing 'Corporate Intelligence (CO-i)' to transform our business process to digital. Various e-business platforms to facilitate smarter workflow with our partners, consultants and contractors, were being built. We planned to implement cloud based electronic site inspection recording system with data analytics functions to enhance efficiency of works supervision. Electronic submission and processing systems would be developed for better mobility and productivity in project delivery. We will continue to explore and apply innovation and technology (I&T) for driving the smart city development, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), smart asset management, ChatBot and artificial intelligence etc. We have planned and look forward to collaborating with different stakeholders for pilot projects and joint events in the industry for inspirations and bringing in such external expertise to enrich our operation.

We will also continue the exploration and implementation of innovative construction methods and ways to drive buildability, while enhancing social inclusion and cost control. To this end, we work closely to adopt 'No Frills' principle in design and contractual requirements, the '3S' (Standardisation, Simplification and Single Integrated Element) and other related measures in our projects. The incorporation of inclusive and elderly designs in projects is in good progress of which we are anticipating an improved accessibility in our buildings and facilities in a short future.

To compatible with the long term development of Hong Kong, ArchSD will excel our flexibility to safeguard the interests of the general public and our users. We strive to enhance quality of project site supervision through application of new technologies. We also promote best practices in government buildings to ensure public safety. As a response to the social needs and climate change challenges, we continue to discover measures, technologies and building materials to improve resilience of buildings and the city.

Another strategic focus of ArchSD is to foster staff training and development which is a determinant of our smooth operations and continual enhancement of service quality. We will devote more resources to organise regular training and activities such as site visits to enrich staff's exposure and experience in specific topics of innovation, social inclusion and public engagement in project delivery, as well as CO-i and creative knowledge in relation of other departmental focuses.

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