Dear friends

2019 is a year full of transformation and challenges for Hong Kong and Architectural Services Department (ArchSD). We see the difficult times. We see the perseverance of all Hong Kong people and ArchSD colleagues. We see opportunities. We search for innovative building solutions for constructing a more resilient, sustainable and quality built environment for our city, as displayed in our sustainability report, 'Sustaining Innovation in Challenging Times'.

Climate change, COVID-19 and social unrest are posing increasing challenges to our community. In response, ArchSD prioritises the goals of building resilience, hygiene control and sustainable design. I am glad to share our progress with you in our Report including the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) in the star-gazing facilities at Sai Wan for efficient construction; the reprovisioning of Tsui Ping River Garden to energise the neighbourhood community; the preventive maintenance inspections to buildings on plumbing and drainage systems to uphold health and hygiene standards; and further MiC applications in our quarantine facilities and upcoming projects to achieve better environmental performance management and higher productivity.

At the same time, ArchSD cherishes continuous learning and knowledge sharing culture. It is an honour for ArchSD to obtain the award of the Global Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2019 for our Knowledge Management (KM) Portal and the Excellence in Training and Development 2019 for our 'TEAM+ Training and Development Programme'.

My heartfelt thanks to the support of all colleagues, consultants, contractors, stakeholders and partners throughout this journey of 'Sustaining Innovation in Challenging Times'. ArchSD will continue to serve the community with dedication and heart. Please do share your valuable feedback for our continuous improvement.


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