• We provide staff training based on their roles and responsibilities to enhance their technical knowledge and management skills
  • We collaborate with bureaux and departments and other industry partners to organise seminars, experience sharing and focus groups
  • We organise regular site visits, meetings and workshops for the implementation of environmental, health and safety measures of the highest standards at construction sites
UNSDGs 8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
UNSDGs 4.Quality Education

Achieving Excellence with Our Partners


Adhering to the core values of professional integrity and sustainability, ArchSD has always been providing public facilities of excellent quality for society. We maintained a robust ongoing stakeholder engagement with our key stakeholders, including clients and business partners, to ensure sustainability best practices are pursued throughout our value chain. We require all ArchSD's contractors and suppliers to strictly abide by the Hong Kong Laws, such as the anti-corruption laws, upon submission of their tenders.

Valuing Our Clients

ArchSD places a high priority on client's satisfaction at all times. Through constant reviews, measurement and comprehensive analysis, feedback and comments from clients are obtained for the purpose of proactively managing our client's interests and expectations throughout the lifecycle of projects. With our commitment to providing excellent and quality services, we have made progressive improvement and achieved impressive performance results during the reporting year.

To better understand and surpass the expectation of our clients, a Client Satisfaction Survey is conducted as one of our key performance assessment metrics on an annual basis. In 2019, a total of 13 surveys was conducted for projects that were under design, construction or newly completed. The survey results reflected ArchSD's overall outstanding performance and responsive communication with clients during the year.

Satisfied Level on Overall Performance

Satisfied Level on Overall Performance
Satisfied Level on Overall Performance

100% of the completed projects achieved level of 'Satisfied' or above on overall performance

Enhancement on the Communication with Clients

Enhancement on the Communication with Clients
Enhancement on the Communication with Clients

100% achieved the target – replying the clients within 2 months after the survey on the progress of the observations raised

Introducing Quality Green and Sustainable Buildings

As per the objective in improving climate resilience and fostering climate change mitigation stated by the Government, ArchSD has pioneered innovative projects which integrate elements of resilience and sustainability. We closely collaborate with our contractors and industry partners, aiming at implementing a wide array of green building initiatives and promoting sustainability across multiple industries.

To premise on the commitment to providing quality green and sustainable buildings, the adoption of the Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) in new projects has illustrated ArchSD's strategic approach towards sustainability. It is an assessment scheme widely recognised and adopted by industry peers in Hong Kong to examine the full life cycle performance of buildings from planning, design and construction to management, operation and maintenance. Upon fulfilling the assessment criteria, buildings will be awarded applicable credits under each performance category along with an overall performance grade.

As of the end of 2019, we have successfully earned the BEAM and BEAM Plus certifications for 47 buildings, and BEAM Plus Interior certifications for two offices and BEAM Plus Existing Building (Selective Scheme) for one office.

Certified Buildings under the BEAM up to 2019

Type of Certificate




Very Good

BEAM Certification* (Version 1/96R, 2/96 & 2/96R)






BEAM Certification** (Version 4/03 & 4/04)




BEAM Plus (New Buildings) Certification*** (Version 1.1& 1.2)





BEAM Plus (Interior) Certification




BEAM Plus Existing Building (Version 2.0 Selective Scheme) Certification





* Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 1/96R – An Environmental Assessment Method for New Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1999;
  • Version 2/96 – An Environmental Assessment Method for Existing Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1996; and
  • Version 2/96R – An Environmental Assessment Method for Existing Air-conditioned Office Premises. 1999.

** Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 4/03 – Pilot Version of Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method for New Buildings Developments. 2003; and
  • Version 4/04 – Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method for New Buildings. 2004.

*** Reference to specific versions of the BEAM Certificate:

  • Version 1.1 - BEAM Plus New Buildings. 2010; and
  • Version 1.2 - BEAM Plus New Buildings. 2012.



Embracing a Green and Safety Culture at Construction Sites

As a part of ArchSD's commitments to maintaining workplace safety, we required our contractors to strictly adhere to applicable site safety requirements while inducing industry best practices. To raise the safety awareness of our contractors, contractors are encouraged to access comprehensive guidance materials in our knowledge bank, including site safety checklists, briefing notes, safety audit results, and other relevant documents, alongside with the regular dissemination of information regarding Work Safety Alerts issued by Labour Department and other safety reminders.

To safeguard occupational health and safety of contractors, members of our Departmental Safety & Environmental Advisory Unit visit project locations to perform surprise inspections in relation to specific site safety issues that have been brought to our concerns and to ensure corrective actions are taken in a timely manner.

In 2019, we completed a total of 123 site inspections on selected site safety topics or issues and surprise site safety inspections for new work sites, including:

  • Site cleanliness and mosquito control (33 nos. of inspection)
  • Site housekeeping (33 nos. of inspection)
  • Electrical safety (13 nos. of inspection)
  • Lifting safety (16 nos. of inspection)
  • Surprise site safety inspection (28 nos. of inspection)

In addition, we arrange regular project progress meetings to keep track and review on contractors' environmental and safety performance. To rectify any short performances, ArchSD conscientiously discuss with the contractors for the formulation of action and improvement plans.

Implementation of Green and Smart Practices

In ArchSD's projects, diversified practices have been initiated and applied on site operations by our contractors to monitor on-site sustainability performance and progressively outperform the industry for demonstration of best practices. Innovative and self-initiated practices were also introduced. The four major green and smart practices are described as follows:

Recognising Our Contractors' Performance

In recognition of the outstanding performance of our contractors, subcontractors and site personnel, a formal commendation – Green Contractor Award is offered annually, praising their excellent environmental performance in carrying out projects.

Green Contractor Award

ArchSD organises the Green Contractor Award annually to encourage green initiatives during construction, as well as to compliment contractors' continual efforts in achieving sustainability. In 2019, numerous green measures, such as energy saving, water conservation, waste reduction, emissions mitigation and environmental management, were initiated during daily operations of the commenced projects, aiming at minimising environmental impacts at construction sites.

In 2019, two Gold, one Silver, two Bronze and one Term Contract Awards were presented to the following contractors, which involved projects under construction during the year or maintenance projects with contract sums exceeding $30 million.

Gold Award

Paul Y. - Able Joint Venture

Contract No.: SSF501

Design and Construction of Redevelopment of Queen Mary Hospital Phase I - Main Works at Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong

Yau Lee Construction Company Limited

Contract No.: SSE502

Design and Construction of Rank and File Quarters for Fire Services Department at Area 106, Pak Shing Kok, Tsueng Kwan O

Silver Award

Hip Hing Joint Venture

Contract No.: SSE501

Design and Construction of Transport Department's Vehicle Examination Centre at Sai Tso Wan Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories

Bronze Award

Hanison Construction Company Limited

Contract No.: SSE509

Construction of sports centre, community hall and football pitches in Area 1, Tai Po

Nishimatsu Construction Company, Limited

Contract No.: SSG503

Reprovisioning of Fu Shan Public Mortuary at Sha Tin

Term Contract Award

Shui On Building Contractors Limited

Contract No.: TCA971

Term Contract for the Design and Construction of Minor Works to Government and Subvented Properties for which the Architectural Services Department is Responsible (Contract Area: Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and Outlying Islands (South)

Interview with User

more details
Mr. Alex CHAN

Mr. Alex CHAN

Property Management Division of Government Property Agency (GPA)

Interview Summary

GPA has moved into the West Kowloon Government Offices (WKGO) for about a year and our working experiences have improved noticeably. As an award-winning building with a Gold rating in BEAM Plus, WKGO has impressive green and sustainable features. During the project, ArchSD has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and is eager to maintain close communication with users to seek a thorough understanding of our needs. ArchSD and GPA have made joint efforts to drive energy and water conservation in WKGO. We wish to promote sustainability in our on-going and future collaborations and to maximise the buildings' values at all dimensions.


Our Response

Whereas satisfying client's demands remains our core agenda, ArchSD attaches great importance to environmental and social sustainability of the architectural design and construction. It is our great honour to receive positive feedback from GPA. The success of the West Kowloon Government Offices project also owes to the contributions of our users, who are always willing to share their feedback and ideas with us. ArchSD will continue our dedication and leveraging our expertise in not only the on-going projects with GPA, but also any future opportunities, as well as to listen carefully to our users and strive for improvements.

Interview with Contractor

more details
Mr. Kai Chow NG

Mr. Kai Chow NG

Project Manager of Paul Y. – Able Joint Venture

Interview Summary

Since the commencement of the design and construction of redevelopment of Queen Mary Hospital (QMH) Phase 1 project, ArchSD has always been engaging us in an open dialogue. ArchSD's determination and proactiveness in improving project quality and construction safety, are clearly reflected in numerous meetings and workshops conducted at pre-construction and construction stages. By adopting Building Information Modelling (BIM) and a 'Care and Control Centre' with digital platform, ArchSD takes the lead to promote smart and innovative construction in the industry. Partnership with ArchSD is fruitful and constructive, we hope to see ArchSD to realise its vision in sustainable and innovative construction.


Our Response

We acknowledged the efforts and contributions from our contractor and project team in putting forth sustainability throughout the project. We are keen to seek collaboration with our contractors on discovering innovative and sustainable solutions for leveraging the sustainability performance in construction projects. Moving forward, we will continue to engage and interact with our contractors to enhance and prolong our partnership with trust and accomplish a shared vision of sustainable development.

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