Providing Training and Development Opportunities

ArchSD understands building a professional and skilled workforce is critical to its delivery of service to clients and the general public, especially in the ever-changing environment in the architecture and construction industry. Catching up with the pace of construction technology advancement, we continue to expand the resources dedicated to employee training and development. We spearhead to develop innovative learning platforms to keep our staff abreast of the latest trends and technical knowledge of the field, while facilitating the exchange of working experiences.

We design and offer our staff a wide range of training and development programmes by considering the departmental goals and staff development needs. Our programmes are tailored to fit in with the needs of professional officers, technical officers and site supervisory staff. Varying between their positions and duties of work, the training programmes cover topics related but not limiting to Leadership & Management Skills, Professional & Vocational Training, and Career Development.

To bring the most values out of our training programmes while catering the needs of our staff, we deliver the training through diverse choices of platform and format. Staff can access the resources in forms of, for example, academic talks, structured classroom training, workshops and seminars, large-scale symposiums, oversea visits, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, e-learning and competitions.

In the recent years, ArchSD tries to explore different innovative and interactive training methods and is pleased that the highlighted 'TEAM+' Programme ('TEAM+') and the Knowledge Management Portal (KM Portal) have gained wide recognition from the industry and market. 'TEAM+', an integrated training and engagement programme, was designed and introduced during the year to equip site supervisory staff with competencies to face challenges of increasing service demand and staff retirement wave. Meanwhile, the KM Portal continues to serve as a platform which enables free documentation and access of outstanding practices adopted by different project teams. The initiatives have earned ArchSD respectively the Gold Award in the HKMA Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2019 and the top winner in the Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2019.

During the year, we organised 422 training courses that account for a total of 41,220 training hours. Each staff member, on average received 21.0 hours of training.

Training Summary of 2019

Training Types

No. of Trainees

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Leadership & Management Skills



Professional & Vocational Training



Career Development








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