Interview with Staff

Mr. Tony NGAN

Mr. Tony NGAN

Senior Project Manager

In the Project Management Branch, my major responsibilities involve advising and overseeing various aspects of government building projects, from planning to completion and maintenance. In addition to allocation of work, I am also responsible for managing relationships with key stakeholders. In 2019, one of the projects that I participated in was the construction of the West Kowloon Government Office.

ArchSD is determined in taking the lead when it comes to adopting sustainable building design. The construction of the West Kowloon Government Office is no exception and currently has obtained a Gold Rating in the provisional assessment for BEAM Plus New Buildings. To remain at the cutting edge, the project adopted innovative construction methods including Building Information Modelling (BIM) and prefabricated building services modular construction, which drove better efficiency and minimised safety risks at the project site. In recognition for its adoption of sustainable and technological innovations, the West Kowloon Government Office is listed as a finalist for the Quality Building Award 2020 and The HKIE Structural Division Excellence Award 2020.

ArchSD also places great emphasis towards social considerations in our projects in several ways. For instance, a sky garden was designed to enhance air ventilation while also creating leisure and open space at the West Kowloon Government Office. The building also incorporated inclusive features such as designing door entrances that are wider than the minimum clear entrance width requirements. In recognition of the inclusive design, the project was granted a merit award under the 2019 Inclusive Environment Recognition Scheme.

As we are mindful of the impact caused by our building projects to nearby communities, we also frequently engage with the community through organising various activities to build stronger relationships with the community.

Looking forward, we will continue to incorporate environmentally friendly and inclusive designs into our projects, and are committed to strengthening communication with users and communities nearby to construct a sustainable city.

Our Response

At ArchSD, one of the goals in the coming years is to increasingly promote the adoption of innovative construction methods and incorporating inclusive design in government buildings. This commitment is clearly demonstrated through the best practices adopted in the construction of the West Kowloon Government Office project. We would like to further extend our appreciation to our staff for their devoted efforts and remarkable work.

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